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Adjustable Dumbbells The adjustable dumbbells is acool freeware calculator which can be used on most windows operating systems. The calculator does not require installationa and is made for simple maths. Made by http://my
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windows calculator Simple calculator self-made pre-made for  
TAXI - The Adjustable Xml edItor Edit your XML documents with this tool.
Size: 5 MB
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Create editor edit edit XML XML editor create XML  
Related Rates Handy and easy-to-use Java tool for learning
Size: 1 KB
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tutor rate problem Problem Solver  
Reactions & Rates Analyze the atom and molecules collisions with this tool.
Size: 1.7 MB
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simulation simulate simulator molecule atom collision  
Rates for Windows 8 Displays the yield curve rates on your computer.
Size: 612 KB
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rate treasury US Treasury rate rate average viewer  
Live Rates Get live rates of share market futures into Excel spreadsheet.
Size: 856K
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futures Live Forex Rates Futures Prediction Futures Market  

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AmortizeIT A fast, easy-to-use collection of 10 financial calculators. Support for: extra and skipped payments; Adjustable rates; Rule-of-78's; Canadian type loans; APR ...
Size: 3168
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APR Calculator Calculate APR APR Calculation APR 78 RPM  
Savings Rate Tracker Track the best money market rates
Size: 652 KB
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tracker Market Management Property Rates rate Rate Tracker  
Brickles Pro - Brickles for the Mac Brickles Pro is an all-new game based on the'ball and paddle game called Brickles, which was first offered in 1985, shortly after the introduction of the first Macintosh. Brickles Pro is not your typi
Size: 619.4 KB
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adjustable frequency adjustable tempo adjustable  
Phone Cowboy The software finds the lowest phone rates within US. Because it searches the Internet for the lowest rates, its information is always up-to-date. Long distance carriers change their rates often, so yo
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cisco phone Live Forex Rates Forex Rates Viewer  
Easy Currency Converter Converts about 200 world currencies including Euro and downloads updates of exchange rates with a single button click
Size: 512 KB
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convert calculate currency converter exchange rate  
Aquarius Soft Pocket Currency Calculator Simple, professional and fast PocketPC currency converter with online rates update, customizable rates and support all major currencies.
Size: 1000 KB
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Tax Rates Rates Conversion Rates display rates  

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TB TimeMachine Features - It's free! - Zero-latency processing - Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz - Re-sample rate adjustable between 1000 and 44100 Hz - Bit depth adjustable between 0 and 16 bits ...
Size: 15.65MB
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Savings Rate Tracker Savings Rate Tracker is a handy application designed to show you the available market rates, savings rates, and cd rates without ever opening a browser. Compare the top money market accounts, money ma...
Size: 652 KB
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tracker Market Management Property Rates rate Rate Tracker  
Mortgage Glossary and Terminology eBook This is a must for mortgages, refinancing, fixed rates, adjustable rates, equity loans, and jumbo loans. Imagine being able to get live help through an eBook and even getting a home loan to boot.
Size: 1.71M
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mortgage mortgage analysis Glossary paging Glossary  
Best Mortgage Rates Calculator Best mortgage rates calculator is a powerful tool to help anyone find the best mortgage rates and therefore interest rate. Best Mortgage Rates calculator helps the user seeking a low interest rate do ...
Size: 809 KB
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Rates Conversion Rates display rates mortgage rates  
Free Currency Rates for Windows 8 Free Currency rates for Windows 8 is a neat application that you can use to check the foreign currency rates on the fly and also make currency conversions with a couple of clicks. Free Currency Rates ...
Size: 1.5 MB
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Showbiz Labor Guide BENEFITS Save time and money looking for labor rates: Using the RateMaster will not only speed up the budgeting process, it will make your budget more accurate than ever. Plus, your first set of updat...
Size: 16.18MB
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